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Starting 2022 with a new lesson of life

Starting 2022 with a new lesson of life

In this line of work, we are used to receiving any kind of people. I do not make any distinction when it comes to surf lesson requests, I like to treat people as my equals.
Still, some days ago I received a special petition, one I never received before. It was a couple with a nineteen years old son who has autism. I accepted the request, and I prepare myself for the 4 lessons booked. To be honest I was having doubts about my own decision because I have no previous experience with people with autism.


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Starting the high season, with very nice friends

Friends surfing in Santa Teresa

This year, the high season seems to be coming earlier than other years. The rain is scarce, the grey clouds sometimes show up but they quickly go away and the winds are getting stronger. It is not the weather that tells me the high season is here already, but the people who start to come to Santa Teresa, from all around the world.
This time I received good friends Kush and Vanessa! Both are passionate fans of photography.


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17 kilometers east of Santa Teresa there is a small and colorful town called Montezuma. The town is located between the beach and the river of the same name.
It is a lively place with restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, stores among others. You can see many people walking down the streets, it is the best way to move over town since the streets are narrow and the transit can be slow.
Also, there are tour operators who offer a taxi boat to Jaco beach and tours to Isla Tortuga.


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The Surfing Toad

The Surfing Toad

Some days ago I received one of the weirdest visitors I ever had. Any of us said a word but suddenly my guest was riding one of my surfboards so I guess this was about having a surf lesson.
I started to take pictures and I didn’t receive any complaints about it. The only noise I heard was a constant “ribbit-ribbit” so I guess that means “go ahead, take all the pictures you want”.


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Costa Rica, that country that always get a place in your heart.

Costa Rica, always in your heart

There is enough news around Brisa Hennessy participating in the Tokyo Olympics getting good scores and placing in the top 8 in the first time for Surf as an Olympic sport. It is one of the few Costa Rican athletes getting an Olympic diploma, an honor given to the top 8 participants in each sport category.


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Green Season in Santa Teresa

Green Season in Santa Teresa

All the photos of this article were taken by Lila Hasson, kudos to her for such beautiful photos

The Green Season is already here in Nicoya. The first rains wet the dry earth and everything in the zone becomes greener, way greener. You can hear the chirping of birds because is their mating season.
Also, flowers bloom everywhere as an act of gratitude to Mother Earth for the much-needed freshwater. The “Cortez Amarillo” tree bloom with really beautiful and vibrant yellow flowers which could make any painter jealous. The flowers have small red lines near the center giving a lively contrast with the vibrant yellow.

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The Surf Ambassy

The Surf Embassy

With every year passing here on Santa Teresa, I start to feel this hidden paradise in Costa Rica should be the next United Nations headquarters. Maybe It will sound like a joke to you but when I received visits from so many places around the world I really feel like that. At least the Nicoya Peninsula is way cozier than any big city.


This time I received a very beautiful and nice couple of Ukraine, Vlada, and Albert. I was impressed by Vlada’s name and did a little research to know that means “Rule”. I can not think of a better word to describe her, while offshore she was nice and kind, she totally ruled the board once on the water as if the board was capable of hearing the thoughts of its ruler.

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