Starting the high season, with very nice friends

Friends surfing in Santa Teresa

This year, the high season seems to be coming earlier than other years. The rain is scarce, the grey clouds sometimes show up but they quickly go away and the winds are getting stronger. It is not the weather that tells me the high season is here already, but the people who start to come to Santa Teresa, from all around the world.
This time I received good friends Kush and Vanessa! Both are passionate fans of photography.



Kush is from Botswana, a landlocked country in the south part of Africa. The fact he comes from a country that does not have access to the sea didn’t stop him from having a good time here in Santa Teresa beach.
His country is a marvelous one, with the Kalahari desert in the east and the Okavango Delta in the north, Botswana is home to hundreds of exotic animals.
Most of the country is flat with just a few hills and tablelands here and there which allows taking amazing photos of the landscape.
You know I love to get more info about the countries of the people that visits me and Kush’s country has a lot of nice pics to watch. Meeting him made me want to go to Botswana in the future. Good people are not a coincidence but they are the result of growing up surrounded by kind-hearted persons. I saw that on Kush.




Then we have Vanessa, an empowered woman from Florida. Her smile is quite special, a smile that can make you forget your troubles, a smile that gives you hope.
She is really energetic, gorgeous and shows up her curly hair with great pride. And she is right to do it, I love her hair.
Vanessa had no troubles with the waves on Santa Teresa and I was pleased to have such a delightful woman around. She is as kind as Kush, I could see why they are good friends.


Both of them live now in California, so I hope they keep surfing and having great moments together as friends.
It was sad to say goodbye, but such is life. I can only pray for their safety and well-being and wish them the best.
Photos were taken by Vanessa and Kush.