Morbihan Gulf Festival

The Morbihan Gulf Festival

Feeling tarnished from all the work this last summer season, I decided to take a vacation this year outside of Costa Rica and I chose my homeland France as the destination to visit. I was invited by a friend of mine to Monks Island in Brittany.
I arrived just in time to enjoy the Festival of Morbihan. This event is about thousands of sailboats visiting the island in the middle of the Gulf of Morbihan. This island happens to be Monks Island.

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SUP, standing board paddling for seniors

SUP, standing board paddling for seniors

Recently, I had a SUP tour in the Pochote estuary with three amazing people, Claudia, Elizabeth, and Scott.
The timing couldn’t be better since I wanted to talk about how paddleboarding can be the right water activity for seniors. All of them were over 65 years old and without much experience in SUP, they were handling the rowing easily in a few minutes.


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2023, surf, sup and new projects


2022:What happened?

2022 just went away some days ago. I’m going to miss it because a lot of cool stuff happened. I went to serve overseas, found a nice spot for my SUP tours, and met many nice people. 
I expect 2023 to be a great year, but it will be hard for the new year to compete with the one that just passed. 
I will share a glimpse of what happened to me this last year. then I’ll share with you what are my projects for this new year. I hope you like it.


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What green season means for Nicoya surfing

What green season means for Nicoya surfing scene

How the weather conditions and the seasons affect the surfing scene is a really interesting topic. Every surf instructor should be aware of the conditions of the beach after a storm or a long period without rain. Local weather conditions are not enough but checking these at a regional level is important because swells formed away from land inside the ocean.


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A summer season I will not forget

A summer season I will not forget

The first rains are coming this month of May and I got the message: the summer season is gone.
The green season is just around the corner and with it, chirping birds come back to the mornings. Insects get out of the ground after being buried for months. Fresh afternoons with drinking tea while rains. Cold nights watching TV while being sheltered inside a blanket. I’m sure you get the idea.


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Couple surfing with Audrey

Dreams do come true…

I had this dream that someday I would be able to surf with my grandchildren.
My son Liam had spent some time in Santa Teresa and thought it might be a good place for us to visit and learn to surf. He called around and asked for the best recommendation for a surf. Through all the recommendations one surf instructor stood out as exceptional in teaching individuals how to surf.


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Charity through photography

Charity through photography

Just some days ago I received the visit of Shelan and Jesse for a surf lesson. Lovely couple, it was a pleasure to meet them and the lessons went smoothly. I hope they enjoyed the lesson as I did.
Before and after the lesson Shelan take some pictures of his partner and some of me. The photos are amazing and I asked her if she was a full-time photographer.


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