Surfing at Seignosse

Surfing tour at Seignosse, Landes

Bordering with Spain, in the department of Landes, in the province of Nouvelle Aquitaine, you can found the beach where surfing became popular in France. Bordering with Spain, in the department of Landes, in the province of Nouvelle Aquitaine, you can found the beach where surfing became popular in France. For me to be here is a spiritual experience, this is where everything started in my country. I feel imbued with blessings while surfing these waves.

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Short Story of the France surfing

Surfing came to France to stay around the 50s of the XX century when filmmakers Dick Zanuck and Peter Viertel came to Biarritz, near Seignosse, to shoot the film The Sun Also Rises. The movie is an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s book of the same name.
Dick introduced to Viertel to surfing but the board got damaged on the rocks. The surfboard was repaired by Georges Hennebutte, a local with knowledge of the materials. They became friends and surfed the basque waves together that year.
Peter came back to Biarritz the following year with a friend to surf with Hennebutte and Jacky Rott, another local. The friend of Viertel was Joel de Rosnay, who in 1964 created the Surf Club of France.
Since then, Rosnay has been invited to the World Surf Championships around the world. This helped to get the Seignosse surfers to be introduced into the world of surfing.
Rosnay is still active in the Bidart area and surfing at an advanced age yet.

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Seignosse becoming important for french surfing

In the 60’s Seignosse remains unknown to the growing crowd of French surfers. It became a popular point for surfing when Charley Puyo started to surf there preparing for the European and world championships in the 70’s.
Seignosse was the host of one of the first international surfing tournaments in France. The surf tournament was the Eurosurf 1975. The winner of the competition was Gerard Dabbadie. This started the superiority of the French surfers all around Europe. Since then, Seignosse is one of the most important beaches for french surfing.

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Seignosse and Landes these days

Nowadays, the Landes department become a highly visited area for local and foreign tourism. Dozens of services are offered to visitants, restaurants with local food, water parks, natural reserves with trails, and tours with electric bikes.
Also, Landes beaches are ranked among the best for those looking to chill out, swim, and do other water activities.
Then we have surf-related services, like surfboard rentals, boat riding to more excellent waves, and surf lessons.
One of the main attractions in Landes because there are beaches with different kinds of waves. This is perfect for choosing the right ones according to the student’s current skills.

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Me at Seignosse

I’m from Aquitaine. Then Landes was a usual trip destiny for me when I lived in France. Coming back here takes me to my first surfing days. I feel my batteries recharging, somehow feeling refreshed.
I’d been giving some surf lessons here and it feels well to be around. I revere this place because in these waves everything related to French surfing started. It’s an honor and a pleasure for me to teach in Seignosse since I feel I am taking part in something bigger.
I’m sure Landes surfing will become a centennial custom. I just want to contribute my sand grain to this relatively young but strong tradition.
Soon I’ll be writing about old friends I’d meet and new friends I’m making. Stay tuned for more articles and stuff about me.