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Green Season in Santa Teresa

Green Season in Santa Teresa

All the photos of this article were taken by Lila Hasson, kudos to her for such beautiful photos

The Green Season is already here in Nicoya. The first rains wet the dry earth and everything in the zone becomes greener, way greener. You can hear the chirping of birds because is their mating season.
Also, flowers bloom everywhere as an act of gratitude to Mother Earth for the much-needed freshwater. The “Cortez Amarillo” tree bloom with really beautiful and vibrant yellow flowers which could make any painter jealous. The flowers have small red lines near the center giving a lively contrast with the vibrant yellow.


A curiosity about the Cortez tree is all of them in the same zone bloom at the same time.


The bumblebees (called Abejorros by the locals) come from the underground, taking advantage of the earth becoming softer. They are kinda annoying because they are very attracted by the light, getting in the houses but this only happens at the start of the green season. There is a phrase in the country “se parece a un abejorro”, you are like a bumblebee to denote people who are constantly hitting themselves against the furniture of the house.


Contrary to what is believed, it does not rain the whole day during the green season here in Santa Teresa. Actually, mornings are pretty much the same as in the dry season, with very sunny and warm temperatures. The first clouds appear after lunch and most of the time the rain only lasts for one hour, leaving the grey clouds in the sky for a time. The sun makes its appearance just right for the sunset and the temperatures can be even a little cold, you’ll need a long sleeve t-shirt for the rest of the night.


After the gentle rain people retake their normal activities at the beach.


Surfing lessons can be done after the mild rains or in the mornings. Cloudy days are very nice for surfing, the lower temperatures of those days make them perfect for physical activities and not being too worried about getting too much sun on the skin. Even sometimes there are entirely cloudy days without a single drop of rain. These days are very nice for nature watching since the direct light of the sun doesn’t interfere with the vision of the watchers and their cameras. Very nice for photos of the wildlife like birds, monkeys, mammals like anteaters, raccoons and maybe an ocelot, reptiles as iguanas and frogs and colorful insects which are very abundant in the Nicoya peninsula.


Following we share with you some really nice photos of the green season taken at Santa Teresa. Enjoy 🙂



The Surf Ambassy

The Surf Embassy

With every year passing here on Santa Teresa, I start to feel this hidden paradise in Costa Rica should be the next United Nations headquarters. Maybe It will sound like a joke to you but when I received visits from so many places around the world I really feel like that. At least the Nicoya Peninsula is way cozier than any big city.


This time I received a very beautiful and nice couple of Ukraine, Vlada, and Albert. I was impressed by Vlada’s name and did a little research to know that means “Rule”. I can not think of a better word to describe her, while offshore she was nice and kind, she totally ruled the board once on the water as if the board was capable of hearing the thoughts of its ruler.

Sigan sonriendo. Esas sonrisas pueden iluminar el dia mas nublado!


Both really did very well and they were good students. The day was partially cloudy although their smiles can light the darkest of the rooms.
As a couple they are lovely and I hope they can visit me again any time.


I heard Ukraine is not having a good time now. In the past, Ukraine was part of other countries and empires but that never diminished their sense of identity, they have their own language and culture and nothing has stopped that. I had witnessed the fighting spirit of Ukrainians through Vlada and Albert and I’ll know the country will be fine and a brighter future awaits for them.


With so many nationalities coming to Santa Teresa, we should be the Surf Embassy with open doors to anyone who wants to gain citizenship in the Surf Country. I am more than available to be the Surf Ambassador. 🙂



Facing and overcoming new challenges in my life

Facing and overcoming new challenges in my life

I am the kind of person who does not like to feel attached to material things, I prefer to feel synchronized in a spiritual way with my inner self and enjoy the little things life brings.
Despite this, I aware of how these material things help us to go through our days on the planet Earth, I can not stop feeling kind of cheerless when some of my working tools get broken.


Some months ago my Suzuki Samurai car just got broken beyond any possible fix and I had to hang it over to the right authorities for its appropriate disposal. Now I am moving in a quad bike which is perfect for the roads of the zone but not quite good to transport the boards from my home to Santa Teresa or any other beach I use for the surf lessons.

Good bye Mister Wheely, you’ll be missed.


I remember one of the reasons I decided to stay here in Costa Rica is because people are very friendly. So I went to talk to the locals and I found the right solution, the boards can stay a few steps from the beach safely, thanks to the Restaurant El Carmen, I was allowed to build a small cage where I can store my boards. The Restaurant is always crowded, it is very popular in the zone so the cage is always in the sight of many people.


I want to thanks the Restaurant El Carmen for the chance. The restaurant has a stunning view of the ocean and you can watch unmatchable sunsets from there while having lunch, dinner, or just taking a cup of coffee. The food is superb, going from a range of local and international cuisine to pizza and desserts, and excellent attention.

El Carmen Official Facebook



From the Cradle of Human Civilization to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

From the Cradle of Human Civilization to Santa Teresa.

Two of my last students sparked my curiosity about human history, Aoun Dabbas and his friend Ramzi, two young boys who came all this way to Santa Teresa from Jordan to surf with me.


Wondering about their native country I made a small research about Jordan and it has a lot of stories to tell. From the first cities in human history, to be part of the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the different Muslim caliphates, now Jordan remains as an oasis of peace in the middle east.
Jordan always has been a secure place for trading and cultural exchange in history. Nowadays as an independent country, it has a very high developed economy, culture, educational, and tourism sector reuniting people of all places and different beliefs.


You can see the peaceful way of living of the Jordanians through Dibbi(Aoun) and Ramzi. The ocean was synchronizing with their calm souls, offering gentle waves for them, perfect for the newcomers to gain confidence while riding the board.


They did a very good job and It was a pleasure for me to have them as students in my surf lessons. Keep surfing guys!!
I can add Jordan to the list of countries I have received visitors from, I hope I can keep teaching surf to the people from all the corners of the world!!



Surf unite people

Surf Unite

When I became in surfer one of the first things I noticed is how easy is to make friends. No matter the origin or the language I can connect with people smoother than I did before my surf life.

Our surfboard is the pen and the waves are our paper, we can write messages that come from the heart and others can understand what one is saying through our movements, surf for me has become some sort of universal language.


Some days ago I received a visit from three very cool guys from Algeria, Saïd, Raouf & Bouchaid, energetic men who never stopped smiling. They have been living in France for many years but it was new for me to receive people born in Algeria. I was pretty surprised in a good way to see newcomers from this part of the world, open to surf! People that we usually don t get to see much in the ocean!
Nice to see that the world is changing and notice that the ocean has fewer and fewer limits! One element, one love, waves for everybody


While they were over the board I could understand their feelings, then I remembered this idea of mine that the waves are a universal place where boundaries between countries disappear and the only thing left is people, united by the universal language of surfing.
Once we ride a surfboard we reborn in a place where there is only one nationality, Surf.


Thanks to Saïd, Raouf & Bouchaid. Guys, I hope you come back soon to Santa Teresa and tell your friends they have a friend here in Costa Rica. By the way, you did surf very well, keep practicing.

Bon voyage



2021 has good vibes

2021 has good vibes

It is kind of silly to expect that one’s situation could change as simple as the old year is gone and the new year enters the scene. Still, like everyone else, I see January as an opportunity to gain strength and keep going on.
2021 couldn’t have started better, I have received the visit of two amazing families for surfing lessons and this was perfect to recharge my batteries.


From Italy

Paolo, Vera, and Isabella came to Santa Teresa to have lessons with me for some days. I have to say it was a kind of odd experience, in a good way, for me. We spent time dancing, chilling, singing, joking and surfing of course ;).

I always try to give a relaxed ambient to my lessons, being stiff or quite nervous is not good for surfing. These guys just brought all the chill Italian lifestyle with them, so for a change, I ended being the “serious girl” in the group :D.

They were carefully listening to my instructions and follow all the advice I always give in my lessons, in no time they were taming the waves like professionals. As a teacher, I can not ask for better students.

Isabella had a Polaroid camera and took a photo of me, she is a really good photographer, I look very cool. I appreciate the photo, Polaroid photos always have this nostalgic feeling around them.


From France

From France, I had the grateful surprise of receiving the visit of an old friend of mine, Anne with her two beautiful sons, Theo and Noe.
Both kids received instructions and quickly they were surfing on the foam (the shallow waters). Seeing them made me remember those days when I was taking my first steps as a surfer.
Thank you for the visit Anne, good memories! Hope to see you again soon!

These amazing photos are courtesy of Martin Antoniak, follow him here


I am sure this 2021 will be better, I am not talking about economics, the pandemic, or politics, I talk about family. This year will be embracing our loved ones all we can because we have learned about the value of life.

I will be here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, no matter if you come alone, with friends or family, I am ready to be your surf instructor and your friend.



Going back slowly to normality

Going back slowly to normality

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Slowly but sure I am really happy to come back to teaching surf, I was getting kind of rusty but when you have been doing something for so much time you can not just forget that easily.


Just a few days back I received this surf lesson request for three persons. I was surprised but glad to getting back to work again, It has been a hard season for anyone involved in the tourism sector.
The government in Costa Rica opened the bourders for many countries all over the world while maintaining at the same time the COVID cases as lowest as possible.
So I just said, “Of course!!” and we proceed to coordinate the meeting details.


Then the day came to meet Nael, Lydia, and Wassim. Funny enough I was feeling like It was the first time for me, I was nervous but so anxious at the same time.
We continue with the lesson and as time passes I feel more relaxed as if every muscle of my body starts to move on its own. Then I realize that my body really missed this feeling of teaching Surf to others.

These months I´ve been a lone surfer. After not having lessons for a while, this recent experience with this amazing girl and these two amazing guys were like waking up from a long time sleep.


From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to Lydia, Nael, and Wassim for waking me up, I hope I can see you all again.



That little corner in Costa Rica I call haven.

That little corner on Mal Pais that is my home


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I know that as human beings we have been always looking to feel safe. That is why we invented walls and roofs, we feel all those things that could harm us stay outside.


As always, no innovation in the history of humankind has come without sacrifice, as all those bad things we do not like to stay outside, but the good ones too with walls..


When I came to Santa Teresa in Costa Rica I see so many things I like that much and I didn’t want to lose eye, sound, and skin contact with them: the sky, the forest, the wind, the sound of the waves, the trill of the birds, so I decided to do something about it.

  • The view of the sunset from my living room.

As you know I live on a refurbished bus, there I have my room, my kitchen, the bathroom, so I decided that my living and dining room will be outside, so I built a deck in the property with no walls from where I can still have contact with all those things I love of Costa Rica.


When I am not being your surf instructor, this is where I spend part of my free time, reading, meditating or just watching the sunset while I listen to chill music, It is like to be inside and outside home at the same time.


I hope you are all fine, I wanted to share this little slice of my life with you and I know I’ll be seeing you soon.
We are warming up for the high season here in Costa Rica. Bon Voyage.


Best Regards

It is not a big world anymore, and that is good!!

From France with love

When I came to Costa Rica from France years ago I never imagined I would be meeting

I born to be a traveler and I was never quite comfortable being at the same place. I traveled to many places around the globe, always looking for new landscapes and experiences. But something happened the day I set a foot on Santa Teresa, suddenly I just feel like home.


Here I never expect to see too many people from my country, my beloved France, but to my surprise, and gladly, I was wrong.
It is funny when you think that maybe I would never meet these fellow countrymen if I would stay in France, but here they are in Costa Rica and I am really happy when I receive visits.


One special case is the visit of a french people I received a month ago, the lovely Leroux Lefranc family, they came all the way from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, looking for surf lessons here in Santa Teresa. They instantly booked lessons for all the family members.


As a lonely soul, I really appreciate what they make me feel that day, being part of a big family. All that love flowing between the family was really warming my heart. As a surf instructor, I always try to connect with my pupils, but this time It was different, the experience of teaching a whole family was something wonderful for me.


Thanks to Francois, Catherine, Louise, Alexandre, and Adelle, I’ll see you next year, can not wait!!


Closed by easter week.

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais closed by Easter week

We surely live in uncertainty times, with the Covid-19 going all around the people, most countries are taking severe measures to contain the spread of the sickness. This is affecting the economy really hard but as the famous phrase says “while there is life there is hope”.


This is why the people of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are supporting the campaign “#Stayathome” and we are asking the people to not come this easter week to the beach.
Do not take this wrong, we love you when you come to visit us but also we are worried about you and your beloved ones and we want you to stay safe at home.


The fact we will be seeing each other soon keep the hope in our hearts. Remember “It is never as dark as when it is going to dawn”.


I know we will ride the waves soon.
Sincerely, your favorite surf instructor, Audrey!!


The image says “Mal Pais and Santa Teresa closed. This Easter week, stop the virus. Stay at home”

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