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The Ferry

Traveling on the ferry to Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula

Since Costa Rica is between two oceans, it counts with gulfs along all its coasts. One of these gulfs is the Nicoya Gulf that separates the central pacific coast from the Nicoya Peninsula.

Most people, in order to avoid at least 3-4 hours of driving to get to Cobano, Montezuma or Santa Teresa prefer to take the Ferry in Puntarenas. This ferry goes to Paquera on the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, just one hour away from Santa Teresa or Mal Pais.
The travel itself is relaxing, thanks to the calm waters of the Nicoya Gulf, the travelers just need to sit and rest for a while.

The trip takes one hour, there is free wifi, a fast-food restaurant, and many seats where you can take a nap or watch the ocean, some scattered isles and birds which travel from the peninsula to the mainland or vice versa.

The prices are quite fair between 20-25 dollars(USD) for the car and 2-3 dollars per person. Take into account how much fuel you save by not driving 150 KM.

If you are planning to visit the Nicoya Peninsula, for surf lessons, visit the beaches, watch the wildlife or just business, the Puntarenas-Paquera ferry is a good option if you want to get there faster and if you want to rest from driving.

If you miss this ferry, there is another one which travels from Puntarenas to Playa Naranjo but to get to Paquera, you have to drive for 35-40 minutes in a road still on construction.

More information about rates and schedules

We share with you a beautiful view of the gulf from the ferry.

Her first time surfing.


Her first time surfing

Caroline Marks, a professional surfer being known as the youngest person right now in the World Surf League, just posted a picture as a child on her Instagram, remarking it to be the first time she remembers to be over a surf table.

The photo was taken in a not mentioned beach in Costa Rica.

Marks is classified for the Tokio Olympics Games, the first time Surfing is an Olympic sport.