Morbihan Gulf Festival

The Morbihan Gulf Festival

Feeling tarnished from all the work this last summer season, I decided to take a vacation this year outside of Costa Rica and I chose my homeland France as the destination to visit. I was invited by a friend of mine to Monks Island in Brittany.
I arrived just in time to enjoy the Festival of Morbihan. This event is about thousands of sailboats visiting the island in the middle of the Gulf of Morbihan. This island happens to be Monks Island.

old sailboat at morbihan gulf, france

There are huge types of sailboats attending the festival, from small ones to big old commercial and fishing ships.
During one week these ships form a huge unique parade. Different dock points are scattered through the gulf, the ships go from one to another so everyone can enjoy the view of these magnificent examples.
The oval-shaped gulf allows this to be easily done. Navigating around allows thousands of people in the encampments near the beaches to have a look at these centennial ships their newer and smaller brother sailboats.
Meanwhile, on the island, and in other coastal towns, there are activities like concerts, food stands made with local ingredients, fireworks at night, and parades among other activities.

How did I enjoy the festival?

Well, I was standing on the shores of the island, watching these beautiful ships going here and there. Then, I received this invitation to sail in a boat. I instantly accepted.
We got closer to the vessels to take pictures and It was so entertaining. I had the chance to take control of the boarding and navigate around them. Being a helmsman on the boat was quite a different experience from what I’m used to.
I just felt the water is still my environment, no matter if on a boat or on a surfboard, I’m an ocean child.

woman driving a boat alongside a sailshipwoman driving a boat in the morbihan lake, france


Photos of the Festival of Morbihan

I’ll share with you some photos of the festival I took myself. I have plenty of photos of the Monks Island yet I will share them in another post. The island itself is charming and it is worth its own article.
If you want to know more about the Festival, click here.

Whenever you are, I hope you are doing well.