17 kilometers east of Santa Teresa there is a small and colorful town called Montezuma. The town is located between the beach and the river of the same name.
It is a lively place with restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, stores among others. You can see many people walking down the streets, it is the best way to move over town since the streets are narrow and the transit can be slow.
Also, there are tour operators who offer a taxi boat to Jaco beach and tours to Isla Tortuga.


The beach is a little rocky but good enough to surf or swim. There are trees near the beach, hence you can find some people camping.
The sea turtle uses Montezuma as a nesting place. Because of this, a non-profit organization operates in Montezuma purely on voluntary work to protect the turtle eggs and help the baby turtles to get to the sea once they hatch. Do not expect turtles to be there just because you want to. You have to stay there the whole year or just be lucky enough to pass by in hatching season.


Enjoy some photos I took in Montezuma

The waterfall or Montezuma is very popular, but it is only available for people who have enough good physical condition because access is hard.
Playa Grande is a beautiful beach the east of Montezuma beach, it is inside a nature reserve so it is not crowded. It is worth the visit but you should not go alone.


Going south from Montezuma you can find dozens of small beaches and river mouths. These rivers are small and have some nice ponds for getting a dip.
From Montezuma, you can easily drive to Cabuya, where there are some small fishing markets and the famous cemetery island. Or the nature reserve of Cabo Blanco, where hundreds of species found their home.

Of these places, there is plenty to write about, I’ll do it on another occasion.