Eat well, laugh often, love a lot

Eat well, laugh often, love a lot, the french way!

With a reputation of being rude, french people are often portrayed in the media as not caring about making friends. Nothing can be further from reality, because the french appreciate friendship over anything else.


The same way we take the time to improve our cuisine, constantly looking to perfection in flavor and presentation, we invest time in our relationships, new and old, to make them deeper and more meaningful.
As we are profoundly proud of our language and culture, we do spend a lot of time talking. Our philosophy is about honesty and sometimes that collides with formality.
If we do not feel fine we just say “I’m not doing well”. We are confident that showing our real feelings will lead to a good conversation.


I just speaking about my people because I received the visit of Marie and Quentin. This french couple just hit me on my soft spot to the point I was not able to contain the tears when they left.
They bring all the french vibe to Santa Teresa and for a moment I just felt like I was in the Côte d’Azur.
The time with them just went flying and I enjoyed every single minute with them. The surf lessons were fun and they have such positive energy that I feel that I was another student in the lesson.


The french couple

We talked for a lot of time, about France, our people, our families. Meanwhile, Cali, my boyfriend’s dog joined us while swinging her tail. Cali loves them too.
I always feel something special for every single person who visits when it is time to say goodbye. This time I just developed deeper feelings to the point I feel very nostalgic when they left. It was like getting at home after a lot of time out.
Thanks to Marie and Quentin for the memories, you have a special place in my heart.
Au revoir mes amis.