Charity through photography

Charity through photography

Just some days ago I received the visit of Shelan and Jesse for a surf lesson. Lovely couple, it was a pleasure to meet them and the lessons went smoothly. I hope they enjoyed the lesson as I did.
Before and after the lesson Shelan take some pictures of his partner and some of me. The photos are amazing and I asked her if she was a full-time photographer.


She isn’t, but a former lawyer specialized in human rights. Now she is now the executive director of a human rights charity called Level.
She uses photography as part of her effort to gather resources and donations for different charities through the sale of photo prints of places.
If you want to check her photography just visit her site


After checking the website and looking at the photographs she sells there, I can say I’m impressed. These places could look “normal” for locals and foreigners but through her lens, they look so surreal. I feel translated to another world, a place made of dreams and joy.
Shelan is a truly talented photographer, she can capture eternity in one shot.


Why Charity is so important

Shelan does not stop there. She is an advocate for equal access to justice in Canada. What she looks for is making her country a place where the law protects everyone, everywhere. Level has a clear goal, bringing a balance to the law where minorities, indigenous people, and immigrants are not discriminated against by any means by local and governmental authorities.
The idea is not only proposing new laws or changes to existing ones but building empathy inside the population.
If you want to know more about Level visit
“Level” is a non-profit charity so please donate in order so they can keep working for these noble goals.


Shelan is a very humble and strong woman with such highly respectable goals in life. It was very nice on her part to visit me and I really felt my feminist energies be recharged just being around her.
Thanks for both Jesse and Shelan for the time together and I hope you keep supporting each other.