Couple surfing with Audrey

Dreams do come true…

I had this dream that someday I would be able to surf with my grandchildren.
My son Liam had spent some time in Santa Teresa and thought it might be a good place for us to visit and learn to surf. He called around and asked for the best recommendation for a surf. Through all the recommendations one surf instructor stood out as exceptional in teaching individuals how to surf.


Our first lesson with Audrey was informative about the angles of my board, safety as a priority, and the required fundamentals to correctly build your skills to surf. Honestly, I had no expectations that I would be able to “pop up” and surf in my first lesson.
I was concentrating on everything that Audrey was teaching however, I did not have confidence that once I was in the water, I would be able to execute her instructions.


Audrey was very encouraging, direct with her instructions, supportive with her cheers of enthusiasm, and genuinely an excellent coach.
The good news is this story ends well. I was surfing on day one! I could not have done it without her amazing guidance and coaching. I was surfing. I was so ecstatic my feet hardly touched the ground. I found muscles from surfing that I did not even know I had. Yes, I was a little sore however, nothing compared to the joy of experiencing the energy of surfing the Pacific Ocean.


After a few sessions of surfing the “white foam”, I graduated to green waves. I told Audrey I was scared, and she coached me through every step. I was riding green waves and there are no words I can use to describe how connected your body becomes to the waves and the joy that you feel in your body. I am forever grateful for this amazing experience to learn from a professional surf coach.


I should also comment that I am over 60 years old.



Disclaimer: This article was written by one of my students. If you want to reserve your surf lesson click here.