A summer season I will not forget

A summer season I will not forget

The first rains are coming this month of May and I got the message: the summer season is gone.
The green season is just around the corner and with it, chirping birds come back to the mornings. Insects get out of the ground after being buried for months. Fresh afternoons with drinking tea while rains. Cold nights watching TV while being sheltered inside a blanket. I’m sure you get the idea.


I guess I will have some free time to recap all that happened this summer season. I got a lot of surf lessons with tons of different people. Sometimes is hard to see so many people going in and out of my life so fast. But I am grateful to have known these people even if it was for a short period of time.

Checking the photos I found these with Nadia and John, an incredible couple from Belgium. This lesson was one of those where I feel I’m surfing with siblings.
They were so energetic and enthusiastic, always positive and getting the best of my instructions while having fun. Afterward, we took these photos to ourselves, speak for a while, and said goodbye.



This is part of the job, I feel like every summer season is a vacation when I meet amazing people then I have to say goodbye at the end of it. Indeed, Nadia and John are the kinds of people who are hard to say goodbye from. They made me feel as if they were visiting a familiar that just live in the countryside. Thanks for that warm feeling in my heart, guys. You are the best!!


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