What green season means for Nicoya surfing

What green season means for Nicoya surfing scene

How the weather conditions and the seasons affect the surfing scene is a really interesting topic. Every surf instructor should be aware of the conditions of the beach after a storm or a long period without rain. Local weather conditions are not enough but checking these at a regional level is important because swells formed away from land inside the ocean.


Before continuing, is important to know what a “swell” is. Contrary to waves that are formed near the beach by the action of the wind, a swell is formed in the ocean by the action of a storm or other external conditions, including small seismic activity.
I always wanted to keep this blog “chill” but explaining this is important for the subject in question: The green season. While inland everything seems to be calm, the surf instructors need to have in mind that inside the ocean there are higher probabilities of storms in the Central America green season.


This increases the chances of higher waves product of these swells arriving on the beach at higher speeds. Now, this sounds like bad news, but that is not the case. Experienced surfers love swells, they cause longer and higher waves, and tubes.
Here is where the surf instructors should look for other beaches for beginners and intermediate students. If Santa Teresa does not meet the conditions I choose Hermosa beach for beginners and Playa Lajas for intermediate.
Hermosa is a beach I already spoke about in this article. So I will concentrate on Playa Lajas, an interesting place.

Playa Lajas

a man and at woman drinking coconut water near the beach on green seasonPhoto of me and a friend at Playa Lajas.


Lajas beach receives its name because of the river of the same name that flows into that beach. The river is short, like 5 kilometers, and its product of the union of some streams coming from the flat. The river mouth is famous for swimmers and families looking for a nice place to picnic.
The beach isn’t sandy. It is pretty rocky and it is not recommended for beginners. But the waves are perfect for intermediate students who are looking for improving speed and balance.
Swells that come from the ocean, while remaining strong on other beaches, lost part of their speed and strength as entering in Lajas.
This means a perfect balance of speed and duration in the waves. Long waves mean you have more chance of making a long ride over the surfboard before the wave breaks.
Here you can learn deeper aspects of surfing.
I have plenty of experience on Lajas beach as a surf instructor with students who already mastered the basics of surf. Let’s visit Playa Lajas together and have an unforgettable experience.


Video of Playa Lajas, courtesy of Go Playa.


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