Nicoya, the french province in Costa Rica

Nicoya, the french province in Costa Rica

I am excited because July and August are just around the corner. These months mark the holiday season in Europe and many Europeans take a few days to visit Costa Rica. In addition, many French people come by the hundreds to Santa Teresa and the Nicoya area.


Here, in Costa Rica, I have a hard time finding people who speak French. Sometimes I feel a little out of place because I miss my native language and my culture. That’s why I feel like I’m in a frenzy when in these months Santa Teresa becomes like a kind of “Frenchtown” where there are many people from my country walking the streets and beaches.
In this season I have many surf lessons with many French. I start to think that I probably would not have met these compatriots of mine if I had stayed in France. Being so far from my town meeting French people becomes much more significant and I take advantage of every opportunity one hundred percent.


French visitors and friends

I recently had a visit from two countrymen of mine who took surf lessons and did a SUP session. We talked a lot and they brought me up to date with the latest that was happening in France.
We also talked about our families and what my life was like in Costa Rica. They love to travel a lot and they like to meet other people from France standing out in other countries. We agreed that we French people are friendly and can establish business and personal relationships with anyone from anywhere in the world. What we are most proud of is our humanistic culture where the recognition of all human beings as equals before the law and before the community is paramount. Hence our motto, liberty, equality, and fraternity.
These are ideals that we do not take lightly and that are instilled by our parents from an early age.


I had a great time with them, we ate, drank, and talked for a long time.
I thank Laurent and Manu from the bottom of my heart for coming by.
It is always difficult for me to say goodbye but it is part of the lifestyle of those of us who live from tourism. Sometimes we wish the vacations were longer, people could come and stay for months.


These incoming two months

I hope that this July and August, Nicoya will become a little France. I want to make Costa Rica a more familiar place for my compatriots and make them feel that this country is their home away from home.
I’m glad I came to this Central American paradise. Hence, this way I can appreciate more language and my people. For me, it is his pleasure to always receive people with open arms and with a warm bonjour as a greeting.


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