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It is not a big world anymore, and that is good!!

From France with love

I was born to be a traveler and I was never quite comfortable being at the same place. I traveled to many places around the globe, always looking for new landscapes and experiences. But something happened the day I set a foot on Santa Teresa, suddenly I just felt at home.


Here I never expected to see too many people from my country, my beloved France, but gladly and to my surprise, I was wrong.
It is funny when you think that maybe I would have never met these fellow countrymen if I would stay in France, but here they are in Costa Rica and I am really happy when I receive visits.


One special case is the visits I received a month ago, the lovely Leroux Lefranc family, they came all the way from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, looking for surf lessons here in Santa Teresa. They instantly booked lessons for all the family members.


As a lonely soul, I really appreciate what they make me feel that day, being part of a big family. All that love flowing between the family was really warming my heart. As a surf instructor, I always try to connect with my pupils, but this time It was different, the experience of teaching a whole family was something wonderful for me.


Thanks to Francois, Catherine, Louise, Alexandre, and Adelle, I’ll see you next year, can not wait!!


Closed by easter week.

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais closed by Easter week

We surely live in uncertainty times, with the Covid-19 going all around the people, most countries are taking severe measures to contain the spread of the sickness. This is affecting the economy really hard but as the famous phrase says “while there is life there is hope”.


This is why the people of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are supporting the campaign “#Stayathome” and we are asking the people to not come this easter week to the beach.
Do not take this wrong, we love you when you come to visit us but also we are worried about you and your beloved ones and we want you to stay safe at home.


The fact we will be seeing each other soon keep the hope in our hearts. Remember “It is never as dark as when it is going to dawn”.


I know we will ride the waves soon.
Sincerely, your favorite surf instructor, Audrey!!


The image says “Mal Pais and Santa Teresa closed. This Easter week, stop the virus. Stay at home”

Surf lessons, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Costa Rica.


Living in a bus

Living in a bus

In the last two decades, there is a growing tendency between the middle-class people of searching for smaller spaces to live. Taking advantage of the all space available is the key to make these places comfortable and functional at the same time.
Then someone came with the idea of converting old school buses into houses. I can not imagine a better idea than this, you take something which everyone else thought it’s useful life was gone a lot of time ago and convert it to a safe and cozy home for a family, a couple or someone who is enjoying being single.
As a surf instructor, I was always in trouble looking for houses near the beach I often use for the surf lessons, most of them are intended for rental purposes, so they are really expensive. In a career where the low season can be very hard in terms of economic income, one needs something reliable that fits the budget.
Then I started my project of converting a bus into a house for me. No regrets so far, the freedom that brings having a place you can live comfortably without leaving what I love most, my surf lifestyle and enjoying with you the waves, is something I will not change for anything.
I share with you some photos of me in my home!!
These phots were taken by Antoniak Martin, thanks!!


Santa Teresa Surf Classic

Santa Teresa Surf Classic 2020

This weekend will take place the Santa Teresa Surf classic that takes place every year organized by Aaron Henkell and is presented by Banana beach, which will distribute $ 3,000,000 in cash to the winners of the different categories.

The tournament will count with some of the best surfers in the area and Costa Rica, including Anthony Fillingim, Sebastián Mora, Ramón Taliany among others.

Santa Teresa is always chosen for this kind of tournaments thanks to the surfing spots where you can find cool waves to surf, no matter the weather or the time of day, you only need to be ready with your surf table.

For this weekend, the organization opened the categories Open (male and female), Junior, Longboard, Mixed Bodyboard, Masters and Mixed Grommets.

The event will take place both Saturday and Sunday between 7 a. m. and 5 p. m. and, on closing day, the tournament will end with the classic Air Show, which will distribute more than 200,000 colones in prizes.

Do not worry, we will have plenty of space for our surf lesson and then we can go to watch the tournament, It will be fun!!