From the Cradle of Human Civilization to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

From the Cradle of Human Civilization to Santa Teresa.

Two of my last students sparked my curiosity about human history, Aoun Dabbas and his friend Ramzi, two young boys who came all this way to Santa Teresa from Jordan to surf with me.


Wondering about their native country I made a small research about Jordan and it has a lot of stories to tell. From the first cities in human history, to be part of the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the different Muslim caliphates, now Jordan remains as an oasis of peace in the middle east.
Jordan always has been a secure place for trading and cultural exchange in history. Nowadays as an independent country, it has a very high developed economy, culture, educational, and tourism sector reuniting people of all places and different beliefs.


You can see the peaceful way of living of the Jordanians through Dibbi(Aoun) and Ramzi. The ocean was synchronizing with their calm souls, offering gentle waves for them, perfect for the newcomers to gain confidence while riding the board.


They did a very good job and It was a pleasure for me to have them as students in my surf lessons. Keep surfing guys!!
I can add Jordan to the list of countries I have received visitors from, I hope I can keep teaching surf to the people from all the corners of the world!!