Surf unite people

Surf Unite

When I became in surfer one of the first things I noticed is how easy is to make friends. No matter the origin or the language I can connect with people smoother than I did before my surf life.

Our surfboard is the pen and the waves are our paper, we can write messages that come from the heart and others can understand what one is saying through our movements, surf for me has become some sort of universal language.


Some days ago I received a visit from three very cool guys from Algeria, Saïd, Raouf & Bouchaid, energetic men who never stopped smiling. They have been living in France for many years but it was new for me to receive people born in Algeria. I was pretty surprised in a good way to see newcomers from this part of the world, open to surf! People that we usually don t get to see much in the ocean!
Nice to see that the world is changing and notice that the ocean has fewer and fewer limits! One element, one love, waves for everybody


While they were over the board I could understand their feelings, then I remembered this idea of mine that the waves are a universal place where boundaries between countries disappear and the only thing left is people, united by the universal language of surfing.
Once we ride a surfboard we reborn in a place where there is only one nationality, Surf.


Thanks to Saïd, Raouf & Bouchaid. Guys, I hope you come back soon to Santa Teresa and tell your friends they have a friend here in Costa Rica. By the way, you did surf very well, keep practicing.

Bon voyage