Facing and overcoming new challenges in my life

Facing and overcoming new challenges in my life

I am the kind of person who does not like to feel attached to material things, I prefer to feel synchronized in a spiritual way with my inner self and enjoy the little things life brings.
Despite this, I am aware of how these material things help us to go through our days on the planet Earth, I can not stop feeling kind of cheerless when some of my working tools get broken.


Some months ago my Suzuki Samurai car just got broken beyond any possible fix and I had to hang it over to the right authorities for its appropriate disposal. Now I am moving in a quad bike which is perfect for the roads of the zone but not quite good to transport the boards from my home to Santa Teresa or any other beach I use for the surf lessons.


I remember one of the reasons I decided to stay here in Costa Rica is because the people are very friendly. So I went to talk to the locals and I found the right solution, the boards can stay a few steps from the beach safely, thanks to the Restaurant El Carmen, I was allowed to build a small cage where I can store my boards. The Restaurant is always crowded, it is very popular in the zone so the cage is always in the sight of many people.


I want to thanks the Restaurant El Carmen for the chance. The restaurant has a stunning view of the ocean and you can watch unmatchable sunsets from there while having lunch, dinner, or just taking a cup of coffee. The food is superb, going from a range of local and international cuisine to pizza and desserts, and excellent attention.

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