The Surf Ambassy

The Surf Embassy

With every year passing here on Santa Teresa, I start to feel this hidden paradise in Costa Rica should be the next United Nations headquarters. Maybe It will sound like a joke to you but when I received visits from so many places around the world I really feel like that. At least the Nicoya Peninsula is way cozier than any big city.


This time I received a very beautiful and nice couple of Ukraine, Vlada, and Albert. I was impressed by Vlada’s name and did a little research to know that means “Rule”. I can not think of a better word to describe her, while offshore she was nice and kind, she totally ruled the board once on the water as if the board was capable of hearing the thoughts of its ruler.

Sigan sonriendo. Esas sonrisas pueden iluminar el dia mas nublado!


Both really did very well and they were good students. The day was partially cloudy although their smiles can light the darkest of the rooms.
As a couple they are lovely and I hope they can visit me again any time.


I heard Ukraine is not having a good time now. In the past, Ukraine was part of other countries and empires but that never diminished their sense of identity, they have their own language and culture and nothing has stopped that. I had witnessed the fighting spirit of Ukrainians through Vlada and Albert and I’ll know the country will be fine and a brighter future awaits for them.


With so many nationalities coming to Santa Teresa, we should be the Surf Embassy with open doors to anyone who wants to gain citizenship in the Surf Country. I am more than available to be the Surf Ambassador. 🙂