Green Season in Santa Teresa

Green Season in Santa Teresa

All the photos of this article were taken by Lila Hasson, kudos to her for such beautiful photos

The Green Season is already here in Nicoya. The first rains wet the dry earth and everything in the zone becomes greener, way greener. You can hear the chirping of birds because is their mating season.
Also, flowers bloom everywhere as an act of gratitude to Mother Earth for the much-needed freshwater. The “Cortez Amarillo” tree bloom with really beautiful and vibrant yellow flowers which could make any painter jealous. The flowers have small red lines near the center giving a lively contrast with the vibrant yellow.


A curiosity about the Cortez tree is all of them in the same zone bloom at the same time.


The bumblebees (called Abejorros by the locals) come from the underground, taking advantage of the earth becoming softer. They are kinda annoying because they are very attracted by the light, getting in the houses but this only happens at the start of the green season. There is a phrase in the country “se parece a un abejorro”, you are like a bumblebee to denote people who are constantly hitting themselves against the furniture of the house.


Contrary to what is believed, it does not rain the whole day during the green season here in Santa Teresa. Actually, mornings are pretty much the same as in the dry season, with very sunny and warm temperatures. The first clouds appear after lunch and most of the time the rain only lasts for one hour, leaving the grey clouds in the sky for a time. The sun makes its appearance just right for the sunset and the temperatures can be even a little cold, you’ll need a long sleeve t-shirt for the rest of the night.


After the gentle rain people retake their normal activities at the beach.


Surfing lessons can be done after the mild rains or in the mornings. Cloudy days are very nice for surfing, the lower temperatures of those days make them perfect for physical activities and not being too worried about getting too much sun on the skin. Even sometimes there are entirely cloudy days without a single drop of rain. These days are very nice for nature watching since the direct light of the sun doesn’t interfere with the vision of the watchers and their cameras. Very nice for photos of the wildlife like birds, monkeys, mammals like anteaters, raccoons and maybe an ocelot, reptiles as iguanas and frogs and colorful insects which are very abundant in the Nicoya peninsula.


Following we share with you some really nice photos of the green season taken at Santa Teresa. Enjoy 🙂