Going back slowly to normality

Going back slowly to normality

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Slowly but sure I am really happy to come back to teaching surf, I was getting kind of rusty but when you have been doing something for so much time you can not just forget that easily.


Just a few days back I received this surf lesson request for three persons. I was surprised but glad to getting back to work again, It has been a hard season for anyone involved in the tourism sector.
The government in Costa Rica opened the bourders for many countries all over the world while maintaining at the same time the COVID cases as lowest as possible.
So I just said, “Of course!!” and we proceed to coordinate the meeting details.


Then the day came to meet Nael, Lydia, and Wassim. Funny enough I was feeling like It was the first time for me, I was nervous but so anxious at the same time.
We continue with the lesson and as time passes I feel more relaxed as if every muscle of my body starts to move on its own. Then I realize that my body really missed this feeling of teaching Surf to others.

These months I´ve been a lonely surfer. After not having lessons for a while, this recent experience with this amazing girl and these two amazing guys was like waking up from a long time of sleep.


From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to Lydia, Nael, and Wassim for waking me up, I hope I can see you all again.