That little corner in Costa Rica I call haven.

That little corner on Mal Pais that is my home


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I know that as human beings we have been always looking to feel safe. That is why we invented walls and roofs, we feel all those things that could harm us stay outside.


As always, no innovation in the history of humankind has come without sacrifice, as all those bad things we do not like to stay outside, but the good ones too with walls..


When I came to Santa Teresa in Costa Rica I see so many things I like that much and I didn’t want to lose contact with those things: the sky, the forest, the wind, the sound of the waves, the trill of the birds. Then I decided to do something about it.

  • The view of the sunset from my living room.

As you know I live on a refurbished bus, there I have my room, my kitchen, the bathroom, so I decided that my living and dining room will be outside, so I built a deck in the property with no walls from where I can still have contact with all those things I love of Costa Rica.


When I am not being your surf instructor, this is where I spend part of my free time, reading, meditating, or just watching the sunset while I listen to chill music, It is like being inside and outside home at the same time.


I hope you are all fine, I wanted to share this little slice of my life with you and I know I’ll be seeing you soon.
We are warming up for the high season here in Costa Rica. Bon Voyage.


Best Regards