The Surfing Toad

The Surfing Toad

Some days ago I received one of the weirdest visitors I ever had. Any of us said a word but suddenly my guest was riding one of my surfboards so I guess this was about having a surf lesson.
I started to take pictures and I didn’t receive any complaints about it. The only noise I heard was a constant “ribbit-ribbit” so I guess that means “go ahead, take all the pictures you want”.


The lesson was short and the customer did not pay me off. I could not be mad about my guest, I had a good time, and reminded me of one of the reasons I love Santa Teresa and the whole Nicoya peninsula: The unexpected but harmless and exotic animal guests.


Costa Rica is very well known for its colorful frogs. It is not a surprise if you search Costa Rica on Google and a photo of a green frog with red eyes appears.
The toads, frog’s cousins, aren’t appreciated in the same way, because they have less attractive skin colors, they are bigger and some of them have warts all over the body.


That does not mean they are less inspiring or interesting. The toad that visited me is known as the Green Climbing Toad. As its name suggests this toad is an expert at getting on the top side of the trees where it feeds on small insects.


Thanks to Mister Surfing Toad for the visit and I hope you enjoyed the lesson, :). Next time I’ll be having a nice meal full of fresh insects just for you.